Product code: 5308

Topper with side-to-side waist expanders and utility cuff clamps. Suitable for all types of trousers, in particular for denim and casual trousers.


Trevil electronic programmer
Repositionable carriage
Utility cuff clamps
Anti-stretch device for waistband and legs

Full features electronic programmer

Electronic control panel with tensioning parameter controls:

  • Easy to use
  • Stores up to ten programs, each one customizable
  • Convenient keys allow to activate or exclude frequently used function
  • Independent adjustment of tensioning of the waist and of the leg.

Repositionable carriage

The carriage height can be repositioned to finish trousers with non-standard length such as children’s sizes and shorts.

Utility cuff clamps

Use the outside-in movement for creased trousers and the inside-out movement for uncreased trousers and fabrics that should not be pressed. May be used for tube skirts.

Anti-stretch device for waistband and legs

The anti-stretch feature prevents the fabric from being overstretched during the finishing cycle.

The operator can activate the anti-stretch feature independently for the waistband and the leg length by means of buttons on the console.

Two pedals operations
Side-to-side waist expanders
Blowing strength adjustment

Two pedals operations

The machine is operated by means of two pedals:

  • One to go forward in the cycle (START pedal)
  • The other to “undo” any mistakes (BACK pedal).

Side-to-side waist expanders

Blowing strength adjustment


Waistband size selectors
Leg size selectors

Manual waistband size selector

Manual leg size selector

Technical specifications

Electrical requirements:  400 V 3N 50 Hz
Power consumption:  1,2  kW
Dimensions:  88x116x203 cm
Net weight: 132 kg