5309 Pantamat

Product code: 5309

Utility topper with front-to-back waistband tensioning and utility cuff clamps. Suitable for all types of trousers, especially for trousers with pleats and classic-cut pockets.


Trevil electronic programmer
Repositionable carriage
Utility cuff clamps
Anti-stretch device for waistband and legs

Full features electronic programmer

Electronic control panel with tensioning parameter controls:

  • Easy to use
  • Stores up to ten programs, each one customizable
  • Convenient keys allow to activate or exclude frequently used function
  • Independent adjustment of tensioning of the waist and of the leg.

Repositionable carriage

The carriage height can be repositioned to finish trousers with non-standard length such as children’s sizes and shorts.

Utility cuff clamps

Use the outside-in movement for creased trousers and the inside-out movement for uncreased trousers and fabrics that should not be pressed. May be used for tube skirts.

Anti-stretch device for waistband and legs

The anti-stretch feature prevents the fabric from being overstretched during the finishing cycle.

The operator can activate the anti-stretch feature independently for the waistband and the leg length by means of buttons on the console.

Two pedals operations
Front to back waist expanders
Pneumatic pleat paddles
Blowing strength adjustment

Two pedals operations

The machine is operated by means of two pedals:

  • One to go forward in the cycle (START pedal)
  • The other to “undo” any mistakes (BACK pedal).

Front-to-back waist expanders

Designed to concentrate the steam flow on the pleats and pockets area.

Pneumatic pleat paddles

Blowing strength adjustment

Technical specifications

Electrical requirements:  400 V 3N 50 Hz
Power consumption:  1,2  kW
Dimensions:  92x121x205 cm
Net weight: 139 kg
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