Since 1980 we design and manufacture professional ironing equipment and electric steam generators for industrial use.

Our Research and Development engineers think hard to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions to for customers: simplicity, ruggedness and energy saving are their key concepts.

Our entire production is carried out in Italy by capable and careful hands, by people who care for quality, who look forward to producing machines that perform well and last for a long time.

Our motivated sales team looks after importers from 150 countries scattered around the world, serving textile care professionals and garment manufacturers.

People in our after sales team devote their efforts to providing prompt answers and attentive support to ensure that retail dry cleaners, industrial laundries, garment manufacturers, garment retailers, and all our customers receive the care they deserve in a timely manner.


A branch of Trevil also focuses on electric steam generators which are used in various types of industrial processes: food processing, beauty treatments, medical disinfection, metal washing.

Our Management

Management_0000_Felice Mapelli -125

Felice Mapelli, Founder

Trevil was born out of his creativity and his passion for innovation.

The whole Company benefits from his 50+ years of experience in our sector.

Management_0001_Corinna Mapelli -93

Corinna Mapelli, Co-owner

She has inherited her father’s talent for technology. With a Ph.D. in Engineering and an experience in Business Consulting she takes care of steering product development towards market needs.

Our headquarters

Our products are entirely made in Italy in our main production site near Milan. We rely on a network of selected suppliers. Our procurement sources only first quality materials and components.

Our showroom is where dealers and customers check our our latest developments and receive training on our products. Customers are welcome to run live tests of our equipment. We also host events and training sessions organized by dealers and customer associations.