Pantastar is the machine that has revolutionized trousers finishing

It was developed by Trevil, in cooperation with end users,
to make trousers finishing easier and more comfortable.

  • High quality finishing
  • High productivity
  • Consistent quality along the day
  • Does not require long training
  • Saves space
  • Finishes all styles of trousers, all fabric types

50% floor space saving

A traditional trouser unit with topper and press would use approximately 4,5mq (48 sqft).

The Pantastar performs the actions of a topper and a leg press and requires only 2,5mq (25 sqft), including the working area.

One unskilled operator. 40 pieces/hr.

A leg press requires an operator with long experience.

The Pantastar is so easy, that anybody can quickly learn how to use it.

Consistent quality

The machine does most of the job: quality remains unvaried all day long, even with different operators.