Product codes: 2154, 2156

Rectangular vacuum board for professional use. With surface heating and height adjustment.

  • Suction on the main surface can be excluded to maximize suction from the bucks.
  • Available in two rectangular shapes

Main features:

  • Pronto Top® pad & cover with double density polyester foam padding (only for 2154 model)
  • Ready for two optional vacuum bucks (only for 2154 model)
  • Heated surface with temperature adjustment
  • Manual height adjustment


  • Steam electric iron with mat (F022)
  • Overhead group (lamp and rail with iron conveyor)
  • Up to two swing arms with two different cold or heated bucks chosen from our wide range
  • Chimney
  • Enhanced three phase motor



Technical specifications

2154 2156

Electrical requirements:

basic version

version with LA55


230 V 50 Hz

400 V 3N 50 Hz



400 V 3N 50 Hz

Power consumption:  1,35 W 1,55 kW
Dimensions:  150x88x70-96 cm
200x92x70-96 cm
Net weight: 84 kg 100 kg