Product codes: 5036, 5037

Princess Ultra is the utility tensioning finisher that provides a good finish of any type of fabric, either wet or dry, in a wide range of styles and sizes.

  • It is the only tensioning form finisher equipped with the unique Trevil rotating front clamp. The operator can switch between the heated and unheated clamp in one single movement, effortlessly.
  • It does not require specialized personnel: any operator can obtain perfect results after only a few hours of training.
  • It combines the functionalities of a traditional form finisher, a tensioning form finisher for jackets and a shirt unit.
  • It can finish delicate drycleaned garments (e.g. silk blouses) thanks to the flexibility of the programmer, which allows to create a “gentle” cycle.
  • The heated front clamp combines with front suction and powerful hot air blowing provide an excellent finish of wet garment.
  • The form and the tensioning devices are suitable both for small, fitted style garments, and for large and long ones.
  • It is suitable also for lab coats, uniform jackets and workwear in general.


Commercial laundries in the Hospitality and Institutional industries

  • Perfect to press lab coats, shop coats, workwear, uniforms
  • Can press or steam any type of garment and fabric

Small-medium sized laundry and drycleaning shops

Princess Ultra is extremely versatile, it can become the integrated finishing station:

  • for wet cleaned items (shirts, blouses, etc.)
  • for drycleaned jackets and coats
  • for sportswear and blouses

Large laundry and drycleaning shops

The Princess Ultra is an excellent shirt unit for very large or very small shirts and blouses.


Rotating front clamp
Heated front clamp with thermostat
Trevil electronic programmer
Hot air blowing adjustment

Rotating front clamp

The patented dual, rotating from clamps serve multiple functions.  One clamp is heated and operates at high pressure to provide an excellent finish to the front placket area on wet shirts and blouses.  The other clamp is soft and unheated and operates at lower pressure to avoid leaving marks or impressions.

Heated front clamp with thermostat

The heated front clamp has a thermostat for adjusting the temperature according to the sensitivity of the fabric.

Trevil electronic programmer

The Trevil programmer is easy to use and full of functions.

Adjustment of blowing strength

Automatic selection of shoulder position
Collar clamp
Windproof skirt
Pneumatic tensioning carriage

Automatic selection of shoulder position

The angle of the shoulders can be adjusted for easily adapting to any type of garment.

Collar clamp

The collar clamp can be detached to ease the loading and unloading of pullover garments.

Windproof skirt

A special windproof “skirt” prevents steam and air from being lost into the area below the hem of the garment. The skirt repositions itself automatically.

Pneumatic tensioning carriage

  • Three clamps tensioning system (one rear clamp and two side clamps)
  • Side expanders that can be narrowed and widened significantly: Princess Ultra can finish everything from a petite ladies’ blouse to a man’s XXXL shirt!
Sleeve tensioning arms
With rounded cuff insert
Pneumatic adjustment of sleeve clamps height

Two types of cuff clamps available

Model 5037 – With rounded cuff insert

Model 5036 – With clamps for long sleeves and expanders for short sleeves

Pneumatic adjustment of sleeve clamps height

The height of the cuff clamps can be adjusted with a single movement.

Small footprint

Its base is only 55 cm wide. When not in use, the arms can be folded along the sides of the machine.


Iron group

Touch-up iron

Different models available:

Technical specifications

5036 5037
Electrical requirements:  400 V 3N 50 Hz 400 V 3N 50 Hz
Power consumption:  3,2  kW 3,2  kW
Dimensions:  251x148x198 cm
251x148x198 cm
Net weight: 232 kg 239 kg