Developed by Trevil to manage the finishing cycle, TreviTouch stands out for its ease of use and straightforward look.

Using a capacitive screen, TreviTouch is extremely sensitive and responds immediately.

This, together with an intuitive interface, makes TreviTouch familiar since its first usage, and ready to guarantee full productivity.

Each tensioning movement is electronically controlled. The computer can adjust the strength of each tensioning device according to the style and fabric of the garment, whether it is heavy cotton or stretch fabric.

  • Unlimited program storage
  • Possibility to translate the interface into any language.
  • Simple graphic interface.
  • Password protection for programming.
  • Service and diagnostics module integrated in the computer.

An elegant design and a minimal interface make TreviTouch a remarkably pleasant tool to see and use.


Navigate easily between menus

The convenient bar on the left side of the screen allows to navigate at any time between functions: machine operation, programming and service.

Customize the language

TreviTouch offers the ability to choose the language of the interface.

Cycle control

Quick program selection and customization

Choose the desired finishing program from the convenient drop-down menu.

Each machine is supplied with a set of standard finishing programs. Each of them can be customized. You can also generate and store your own programs in unlimited number.


Cycle counters (total and partial) are always visible.

Identification of the current cycle phase

During the finishing cycle the screen highlights the current cycle phase and remaining time.

Settings and options

The “Settings” tab allows to quickly check the functions that are programmed into the current finishing program, for the operator’s convenience.

The “Options” tab allows the operator to tweak the program to the current item being finished, e.g. by selecting the type of fabric. This is done easily from the home screen, with no need to enter the programming mode.


Authentication levels

TreviTouch allows access to different menus, according to the user profile, by means of a password protected access management.

This prevents undesired actions, such as accidental program modification, because the programming area can be accessed only with a suitable password.

A different password protects the access to the service menu.


Fault detection and warnings

A fault detection routine is always running in background. It promptly issues a warning message on the screen, telling the operator if there is a malfunction, or if the garment is not positioned correctly.

Adjustments and troubleshooting

The innovative diagnostics module, allows to monitor the status of each input of the electronic boards and to drive manually each exit.

This ability makes it super easy to setup the machine (e.g. speed of movements) and to look for failures.

Fast software updates

Updating the software or sending an error log is extremely easy and fast, it simply requires plugging in a USB drive into the port on the console.

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